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tv   Today  NBC  March 9, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathy lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1-a. >> booze day tuesday, march 8th, 2016. jenna bush hague
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this is a great song by the way by chris harmony, called "work from home." work work work i love when you have to know one word. >> we could have written it. >> we probably couldn't have. if you like a legend, we have one here with us today. sally field is joining us. she's in this movie called "hello, my name is doris" where she plays a woman who is mature in age who has the hots for him. and there are ma some magic moments that you will see. >> some of it is in her head and some of it is real. we're going to talk to her in just a bit. granger smith is here, his debut album dropped a few days ago, skyrocketed to number one. more importantly, he's from texas. >> he is from texas and he'll make you feel good. and we're going to answer your burning questions about relationships. like how long should you wait for your boyfriend to propose girl? anyway, look at our guys. >> they're so cute over there.
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about spinach. >> you guys match today. >> we planned it. >> he did? he called last night? >> all right. plus, we have maria menounos in the house. she and her mom are going to share a traditional greek recipe. by the way, i want to point out that jenna and i started off a little depressed. we're in the makeup rooms and both of us are -- it's a weird thing where we eat lifesavers. >> mindlessly. my assistant said, you eat probably ten while you're talking. so we said, i wonder how many calories are in one of these. >> what's your guess? what's your guess? say it out loud. ten? that was mine. >> how many calories are in one of these? you're going to die. 60! i ate ten. that's 600 calories on lifesavers. what a waste.
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lifesavers. >> i couldn't believe it. >> can i say something else? >> yes, say it. it's okay. >> i'm on a cleanse which ain't that fun. i'm on a cleanse, i look at my juice. >> she drinks the juice in the morning. >> guess how many calories are in my juice. call it out. >> just for breakfast. >> 120, 150. say it. >> 690. >> so we had similar breakfasts, okay? but here's the thing. jo anne -- can we play -- >> four. >> no, it isn't. i googled it. why are you listening to zach? >> wait. we googled it. are these the big ones? 60 calories. serving size is four. wait, you know what, maybe my
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>> how many calories are in one? so 15? >> 15 in one. >> that's not bad. >> drop the mike, boom. but tomorrow let's play a game where we have different foods and let's guess the calories. because i think that's fun. i don't think people really know how many calories are in -- >> you're in. >> today is a cleanse but i can eat this. >> national pancake day. >> oh, yeah, baby. >> i like syrup. >> this is probably 690 calories, the same calories as my juice. >> just put some chips on there. >> here's the point of this. ihop is giving away free pancakes from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at participating stores. invite a guest, you get to enjoy a short stack of buttermilk pancakes for free. >> for free. they ask that you leave a donation behind to benefit children's miracle network. 11 years of doing that and they've raised 20 million bones. >> that's awesome.
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to find an ihop if your area, go to ihop pancake a huge feud is happening. kim kardashian versus bette midler. kim k. posted a picture of herself naked and she captioned, when you're having like i have nothing to wear, lol. so anyway, that was what she posted. so bette midler saw it and responded this way. if kim wants to see a part of her that we've never seen, she's going to have to swallow the camera. and then -- that was dramatic reading. then after a few hours kim responded. >> with this. sorry i'm late to the party guys, i was busy cashing my $80 million video game check and transferring $53 million into our joint account. hey bette midler i know it's past your bedtime but if you're
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nudes. then there's more. >> then she wrote. >> hey, bette midler i didn't want to bring up how you sent me a gift trying to be a fake friend come -- and then come at >> we were wondering what the deja vu meant. had they ever been in a feud or maybe she doesn't know what deja vu means. not to attack her. i didn't mean -- i don't want to be in a feud. i've never been in a feud. >> kim k. at jenna bush hager. >> no, no, i don't want to get in a feud. kim k., please, i'll lose! >> take a bite. eating when you're stressed helps. later she said she posted that picture as motivation and she
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made her feel thinner. >> well, it was when she was 25 pounds thinner. she looked good. i wouldn't want to get in a feud with kim k. or bette midler. she was fierce in "beaches." right? >> bette midler is one of my favorites. she was radical before anyone was. she is a talent. >> speaking of talent. >> guess who's going on tour? >> dolly parton. >> her first tour in 25 years, also going to release a new album of her greatest hits, she's going to tour through 60 cities. we are going. >> yes! >> i don't care where she's playing, we are gonna go. she's 70 years old. so many great songs. but this song is called "you can't make old friends." you can't make old friends >> isn't that beautiful? kenny and dolly. one more time. >> why, just because i started talking. you don't care about my favorite song but it's "joleen."
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i love dolly parton that much. >> that's a beautiful song. you sang okay. that sounded pretty good what you were just going, that little singing, that little bit. >> i sang with kenny rogers "islands in the stream." karaoke. he's the only shoot where i brought mila to the shoot. >> did she love him? >> she was only a baby, but yes, so cute. >> we've been wondering what happened in "the bachelor" and amanda is here. >> girls tell all. very exciting. 26 girls get to come in, they confront the bachelor and also show. on the show is this one. she's the one that on all of our dates with ben she kept saying, i'm not crazy, i'm not crazy. never say that. night. take a look at what happened. >> the faces i made on tv, i'm faces.
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>> the expressions and the word crazy. >> i don't use the word crazy. >> you are crazy, crazy beautiful. i don't want to seem crazy myself, but i have to show you this one thing. >> i need to see the tattoo. >> oh my god. >> we need better security. >> so, soul mate or should she run away? >> run. >> that was horrifying. that was totally -- >> that's why i think chris said, we need better security. because that guy got into the taping. hopefully it's not real. >> i know this is a show where people like to be seen and known. but isn't that like the epitome. now there's a guy in the audience who's tattooing? >> let's continue. >> olivia was a villain on the show. we talked about her tons.
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amanda because she called amanda a teen mom, which is not a compliment and said that men should run away from her because she's got two kids. amanda confronted her about that last night. let's take a look at her apology. >> being a mom is being i'm so proud of. my kids are my life. like, being a mom is my jam. i just think that the fact that you just felt so strongly that guys should be running the other way, a lot of people would be very, very offended by that. >> if there was a guide book on like how to do this show right and make 28 women happy, like i would have read it and maybe i would have done better. but there's no way of knowing how to do this. and i didn't do it right. but i learned. and then just to amanda, like, i really am sorry. >> it's okay. i accept -- >> and when i apologize to you, like, it wasn't fake. it was real. >> okay.
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anything? >> well, first of all, i mean i always feel bad when i see someone crying but i don't think you need a guide book to know how to be kind. and not to be mean or cruel to somebody. >> they said she was disrespectful the whole show. and then ben came out. usually this is the part that was a blood bath. like the girls attack him. that didn't happen. everybody loves this guy. chris harrison said, if there was a bachelor mt. rushmore, his face would be on it. he did ask him about that he told two girls that he loved them last week. take a look at what he said to them. >> two women within you're in love with them. >> yeah, i did. >> do you realize what a mess you're in? >> thanks. i don't think life prepares you for what this kind of puts you through. you've seen it. it was excruciating. i never thought that's where my >> you're happy? >> i'm very happy. >> you're in love?
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ever been and i would marry that woman tomorrow if i could. >> i'm sorry. what was that last part? >> i would marry that woman tomorrow in i could. i would. she's incredible. >> that's good. >> so he's confirmed -- who is your guess? >> i thought her the whole time but now i'm not so sure. >> i think it's the green. >> he seems to change his mind halfway through the proposal. >> i think it's definitely the green. what's her name? >> this is jojo. we'll find out next week. >> do you want to make a bet or no? wager? which one? >> wild card, i'm going jojo. >> what are we betting? >> a stack of pancakes. we spring guard this weekend but you won't lose any sleep over it. sally field and her steamy younger man, actor max
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good news if you're going to the movies this weekend. two-time oscar winning actress sally field is back on the big screen. >> she's starring along the talented and hand smm max greenfield, "hello my name is doris." max is known for his role on the tv sitcom, in this movie, he's the new guy. >> a very mature doris likes what she sees. take a look. >> okay. all right. oh, no. i'm so sorry. >> that's okay. >> let me help.
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so sorry. >> doris, stop. stop it. stop. you did that on purpose, didn't you? >> yeah, you did. >> no, i didn't. >> you're a liar. >> i'm not. >> it's okay. >> that is happening. that is happening. hi, sally. how are you? hi, max, you doing all right? by the way that scene can take your breath away. >> yes, it sure did. >> oh, settle down. >> we can't help ourselves. how was shooting that scene? >> it was just a day at work, you know. a day at the office. >> not too shabby of a day at work. >> well, yeah. >> when you found out that you were playing alongside the iconic sally field, what went through your mind?
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>> when you found out, what did you think? >> michael showalter and i, michael wrote and directed the movie, i had been attached to the movie for a really long time, then we found out sally was doing it. >> he had to okay me basically. they ran down a list of actors. he said i would rather have her, her and her but she's available. >> i mean, you can't even articulate the excitement that we had. but then you also get really nervous because you go, now we have to do really good. >> your character is complicated in this movie to say the least. will you describe her? i mean her mother who is her companion passes away. describe the rest of it. >> gosh sakes. she's kind of lived a very, very very sheltered life. and she's got some personality issues. she's sort of a borderline all
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she's kind of a hoarder, but extremely shy, and lives in her own imaginary world and becomes part of that imaginary world that she lives in. >> what's so appealing about her she takes risks. tine tyne daily plays another character in this. when you see those two characters, who would you rather be? you would much rather be your character. >> my character is at a transitional point. everything changed for her. those are the extremely painful times that you change and move on or go deeper into your shell. and because she needs john, she starts to come out in the first time in her life. it's really a coming of age of a person of age. >> she is complicated but will you call her a cougar? >> no, i wouldn't call her a cougar. >> no, no, just your old woman who sees herself in a different world.
2:26 am
>> you've been going like this. >> you don't like the rocking? >> go i lean this way, i feel like i'm going over. >> don't go over. >> i'm gone. watch out, there she blows. how old? >> six months. >> any parenting advice, sally, for max? >> we've talked about -- >> i can't handle how cute. >> that's so great. >> did your other child have an idea of what daddy does for a living? >> yeah, no, she's fully aware. >> she's got it worked out. >> every once in a while we'll be out and somebody will ask for a picture. sure thing. she's kinda over it. >> well we wish you guys great luck with this. thank you so much for joining us today. "hello my name is doris" hits theaters on friday. next up, your relationship questions answered when our guys
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it is time to find out what your man is really thinking when our guys tell all. >> first up a married father of two, four time indycar series champion scott dixon, who will be racing in the 2016 indycar season which begins on april 2nd on nbcsn. >> way to go, scott. >> next we have our comedian friend, chuck nice married with three kids. a lot going on. >> just got his license back. >> oh, wow. >> next up is jared freed who is single and ready to mingle. >> ladies, good to be here on tuesday booze day! >> i like how they all have a gimmick. >> what's in that? is there something really in
2:31 am
>> this is tuesday bourbon day. >> he does standup here in new york. >> and last but not least, bob guiney, performs with the guiney and grimes band. we're going to start off across the street with a question. >> my name is sara from kansas city, missouri. what's the best characteristic you look for in a woman? >> you've got to be a little unhealthy. you can't be healthy and fun. don't get the salad on the date. that's no good. salads are not for group situations. salads are meant to be eaten alone in the dark. dimly lit room with a crow in the background. >> stay away from the gluten-free ladies. >> i look for a woman who has a lot of cats. like if you have 75, we're going to get along just fine. >> scotty, the voice of reason, what do you look for? >> it's always a tough one. they got to be nice and kind. >> see, we like him. >> we're going to be right back. >> we're going to take a break. >> guys, we'll be back in a bit. >> thank god there's a voice of
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we're back on the tuesday. kathie lee is off. jenna bush hager is filling in. our guys are telling all already. >> we have our married dads, scott dixon and chuck nice and the single jared freed and the engaged bob guiney. >> let's go across the street for a question. >> hi, i'm from north carolina. and my question is, how long do you give a guy to propose? >> good question. >> whatever you think times three. >> you can take this route if you want. it may be a little dicey but nine months can be a very good time to make sure that he asks the question. >> i got it. scott, really what's the real answer? >> whatever makes the situation feel right. like some people, i was like eight months, nine months but i knew i had the right woman. and sometimes, i don't know why
2:35 am
>> here's the thing. she didn't have that problem with me because i knew the moment i saw her and it took me five years to get her to say yes. >> come on. >> let me say this. you don't want it to happen too soon. too soon, nice to meet you, will you marry me, where are the bodies? that's the real question. >> it's just a random number. >> we have a question that i myself have wondered. mandy wants to know why do men expect us ladies to be groomed and perfect meanwhile they feel no need to return the favor? >> let me give advice to all of men out there. i recently got my back waxed and it hurts. ladies, how are you doing it? >> you really did it? >> it looks better. my brother and i live together, i took my shirt off in the apartment and he says, you got hair on your back. i was like how does it look?
2:36 am
nothing hot has ever been called patchy. take care of it. >> equal parts grooming is good. getting the nails done and all of that stuff, it's very attractive. >> what if your wife is wearing sweats a lot? just life. i know people who make sure they're dressed in nice sweats to be around their husbands because they don't want them turned off. >> you never stop being attracted to a woman when she looks feminine and pretty. those are the things that excite us. as a woman or a man, you should do that. i often will put on, you know, a wonderful camisole. something sexy. >> i like when a girl dresses down. she looks comfy. you want to grab on with her and cuddle. like a sexy pillow. >> you got to put in the effort. >> equal results. >> we are going across the street for another question. >> hi, i'm shelby from right
2:37 am
how would you get yourselves out of the friend zone? >> don't be afraid to hear no. because you could say anything to a guy, if he's in, it doesn't matter. i'm on the bubble. i had a girl ask me my favorite color. if i ask a girl her favorite color in a bar, she goes right up to her friends, that creep. >> i'm going to speak from experience. the way to get yourself out of the friend zone is never to get yourself in the friend zone. my wife used to call me her buddy. he would say you're such a good friend. friend. i am never going to be your friend. i don't want your friendship. you can hang out as long as you want, but i'm not your friend. >> one question for mr. guiney. we were talking about "the bachelor." we were asking about the booze on there. what's it like? >> i heard women saying i don't want to get over and sit with my water. when i was on the bachelorette and the bachelor, i never saw
2:38 am
the hot tub. that was pretty much daily. drinkable water i never saw. it was always cocktails. >> they want to get you lubed up. coming up you'll feel country when young hot artist granger smith sings a song coming up after this. and a healthy mediterranean meal from two greek goddesses in the kitchen. coming up after this. nothing will keep you from magnum double caramel. silky vanilla bean ice cream & rich caramel sauce all covered in thick chocolate. discover magnum, double dipped for double chocolate pleasure. let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast-max.
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as an e! news anchor maria menounos knows her way around the red carpet. with you growing up in a greek household, she also feels right
2:42 am
>> the best selling author is out with a new cookbook called "the everyday girl's guide to cooking" and it's dedicated to her mom lisa. >> it's a greek dish. first of all, how cute are the two of you. >> thank you. >> how did you decide to team up and do this book together? >> my mom is the best cook in the whole world and she mastered making faster delicious recipes every night, working multiple jobs and taking care of a family and a type i diabetic husband. and i'm like, if i'm struggling, and she figured it out, then we need to help people figure it out too. these recipes are super fast, super delicious. these are simple, simple ingredients that you've heard of and healthy. actually 70-plus of the recipes are good for diabetics. most of these are really healthy, that's what we eat. people ask me what to you eat to stay fit?
2:43 am
weight loss journey to this. >> 40 pounds? >> pretend she's not here. can she cook? be honest. >> yes. since she was a teenager actually. >> i didn't speak english growing up. i used to communicate with my teachers by cooking them cream of wheat and eggs. they were janitors. they worked so hard and i would surprise them with dinner. >> let's start cooking. >> i love cooking. but i'm not as good as her. i'm still learning. >> listen, you know what? everyone is really busy. some nights i will, some nights i won't. but i cook on sunday a bun of stuff for the week. >> here are the ingredients. so first we'll saute the olive oil with the fennel and the scallions. >> she's the master. you want to put the spinach in there.
2:44 am
>> yes, you can. you defrost it in a strainer. >> this melts down very quickly and it turns into this. >> okay. >> you're going to add the parsley and the mint -- no. is it mint? >> yeah, mint. >> yeah, parsley and the mint. the salt and the pepper. >> you're going to whip the egg, the ricotta. >> this is very important. >> all goes in? >> all goes in. >> can the ricotta be part skim or does it matter? >> you can do anything you want. that's the other thing, i give you lots of swaps. i want people to be free. and not in fear of -- >> this is the important part. >> remember, finish the cooldown before you create the mixture. >> and then when you make the filo dough, it's really hard to work with, but once you've made it once, you'll be okay, i promise. >> are you sure? >> a cool cloth over it, and
2:45 am
pan. >> can you use olive oil with that? yes. >> which tastes better? >> one by one by one and then what? >> yes. >> and then what? >> the flakes. >> you're going to have about ten -- am i running out of mike? >> you're going to have ten sheets on the bottom. >> good girl. >> how do you know to do that? >> you want to layer it off the side. once the mixture goes in you want to peel it over. it doesn't have to be perfect. if it breaks off and the first sheet is messy, don't worry. >> we're going to come back. >> we're coming back here. >> we're cooking. >> moving. once you get the ten layers down, put the mixture in, put the ten layers on top, fold it in, brush the top with the butter and you're going to
2:46 am
comes out of the oven it's really easy to cut later. you want to cut the top part. and then you have your spanakopita! >> it tastes so good. all i want to do is sink my teeth into this whole pie right now. >> the kids would love this, right? >> they won't know that there's spinach in there. >> you guys, please go buy this book. for the recipe go to >> granger smith is singing his number one.
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> if you're ready for a good time you've come to the right place. granger smith is about to sing for us. >> he's from texas, baby.
2:51 am
international recognition he deserves, playing sold-out shows and coming out with his first major label album called "remington." >> your shows are shooting up to number one. are you still at the pinch me phase of your career or is it starting to sink in? >> absolutely. we've worked at this for a long time, but to see something you can hang on the wall that you did, it's amazing. >> what are you going to sing for us you? >> the number one single called "backroad song." >> do it. barbed wire fence carving out a hill side cutting holes in the midday sun like a post card framed in a windshield covered in dust i love the rhythm of the old
2:52 am
33s just whistling by steer the wheel one-handed on a two-lane hugging that line and i got the windows down no one else around singing ooh freedom is the miles i'm rollin' on out here cruising to a backroad song i feel the wheel like a melody come on, sing along sing along to my backroad song ooh i hit the brakes for an old mulholland hammer down and pass him on up the breeze smells like a
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ooh freedom is the miles we're rolling on ooh road song melody like a radio dialing in strong come on come on sing along sing along to my back road song. come on come on sing along sing along feel the rhythm of it feel the rhythm of it my back road song granger.
2:55 am
>> thank was great. >> thank you for that. >> song of the summer. don't go anywhere until you find out what we're giving away. >> first it's "today" on nbc. when i grow up, i want to be a teacher, a scientist, or maybe a dancer. but learning is hard when you're hungry. that's why for years kellogg's has helped provide millions of breakfasts to kids who start school without it. and with your help, we can all grow into our dreams. look like this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. pet moments are beautiful,
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wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings
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don't ask. before we say goodbye we're going to make five viewers very happy. >> it's time to give it away. this week's prizes. >> the brentwood home's bamboo gel queen mattress.
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the usa. it's 11 inches thick to provide medium firm support with gel infused memory foam to cool you down. >> it's also got a layer of new zealand wool that's natural. i comes with soft bamboo covers. here's the first one. you go in for two. first winner is susan dunbar from wisconsin. we love you. >> lloyd dotson of harrison, arkansas. >> that's cool. hold on. all right. here we go. i've got john dipayne from sailemsberg, pennsylvania. >> okay. now i've got becky hence from eclair, wisconsin. >> this is it. amy jo phillips from montana. winners. make sure you enter every week, because we throw all these away and we want new ones. >> okay. >> tomorrow we're so excited, country superstar tricia yearwood. she's going to share her passion.
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about this, hollywood medium, two of us. >> and the best from the see in the stores soon. >> have an awesome booze day tuesday. >> i'm so glad it's not spanky >> i could give you a spanking and you would love it! you would love it! steve: i'm here to help.


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